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BrandForward specializes in brand research, strategy, identity and education. These are a few of our many Brand service offerings:

Brand Audits

Using BrandForward's 450+ question Brand Management Checklist℠, interviews, document and website reviews and other techniques, we assess the efficacy of your brand management practices, identify gaps and make practical recommendations for improving brand building within your organization. We also provide a QuickAudit version of this service.


Brand Mission, Vision
& Values

We help you develop succinct, clear and meaningful brand mission, vision and values statements that will guide, inspire and energize your organization’s employees and business partners. We do this through a one-day consensus-building workshop that includes educational elements, numerous best-practice brand examples, templates and evaluation criteria.

Supplementing our brand values work, we conduct surveys to identify the values employees believe most exemplify their organizations.

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Brand Identity


We create comprehensive brand identity systems that include all brands, sub-brands, endorsed brands and product and service names. The systems are designed to be flexible enough to work for all applications and uses. 

In addition, we create brand names, taglines, logos and other brand identity elements, including brand architecture, brand decision rules and brand guidelines. We can also simplify brand architecture for organizations that have complex and confusing brand portfolios from mergers and acquisitions.

Brand Research

We can help you from many angles including customer benefit analysis, customer segmentation, brand asset assessment, logo research, brand equity measurement, advertising effectiveness and brand extension studies. We also help our clients establish brand reputation metrics and brand dashboards and scorecards.


Being skilled in the most advanced forms of qualitative and quantitative brand research, we will uncover deep consumer motivations including their hopes, fears, attitudes, values and aspirations.

Brand Strategy
& Positioning

We work with you to develop your brand's essence, promise, archetype and personality to ensure a strong and differentiated market place positioning and flexibility for future growth. This includes defining the target customer, competitive set and key customer benefits (functional, emotional, experiential and self-expressive). We ensure that your brand has selected the most powerful benefits to own and that it has developed the proof points and “reasons to believe” for those benefits.

This includes creating "category of one" brands, differentiating brands in commodity categories, building emotional appeal into brands, developing a brand position that works across diverse product and service categories, rebranding merged entities and connecting the brand position to marketing campaigns.


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Brand Education


We develop customized brand management and marketing seminars and workshops of any duration focused on all areas of brand management and marketing for all levels of expertise.

We also conduct personal branding "boot camps" for business school MBA programs. These "boot camps" are designed to help students create and practice their own unique value propositions based on rigorous research, introspection and the Japanese ikigai model of life purpose.

Individuals can take our online brand management and marketing courses HERE.

Brand Equity Measurement

Our proprietary BrandInsistence℠ brand equity measurement system:

  • Focuses on the key drivers of customer brand insistence

  • Measures changes in brand equity over time

  • Diagnoses reasons for changes in brand equity

  • Provides insight into the current brand positioning, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  • Provides direction on how to increase customer brand insistence

We can help you identify the most predictive metrics for your brands. And we can help you develop brand dashboards and scorecards. 

Brand Elevator Speech

We can create an elevator speech for your brand. The elevator speech is intended to be used by your organization's employees to succinctly communicate key information about your brand, including what makes it special. It is also intended to be integrated into external communication as appropriate and will provide direction to any person or group developing marketing communication for your brand.

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